Rita's Italian Ice

#localspots Episode 1: Rita’s Italian Ice

In this episode, we meet the owner of Rita’s Italian ice and the kids make some interesting combinations (root beer ice with cookies n’ cream ice cream) which actually turned out to be really good; kind of like an Oreo root beer float.

The owner, Aaron, turned out to be a super cool guy and we couldn’t be happier to support his business. He makes the ice fresh everyday and his creativity means there’s always something new to try. The banana split was incredible with bits of cherry, chocolate and pineapple in a banana flavoured ice.

Having lived in Italy and experienced the “real deal” granita siciliana, or Sicilian ice, I can confidently recommend Rita’s as a silky smooth, delicious evolution of what the Sicilians invented. The original Italian ice was lemons squeezed in a bowl with water and sugar placed in the freezer. Stirring every so ofter ensured the “granita” wouldn’t get too grainy or icy. These days machines have obviously allowed your Italian “nonna” to rest her arm and Rita’s has some serious technology going on to create the most satisfying video you’ll see today.

If I were you, I’d stop reading this and go try a sample 😉